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Forward? Take a snarky sneak peek into #Obamas2ndTerm

As the latest Gallup survey finds the presidential race in a near dead heat, people are giving serious thought to just what #Obamas2ndTerm might look like. Let’s take a look into the crystal ball.

#obamas2ndterm Re-open Gitmo and promptly re-close it. #waitaminute

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) August 17, 2012

Announce his exciting new Constitution doormats have arrived. #obamas2ndterm

— SunnyRight (@sunnyright) August 17, 2012

#obamas2ndterm Print 22 $1Trillion dollar bills. Pay off $21 Trillion debt. Keep extra bill as a souvenir

— wiserbud (@WiserMeany) August 17, 2012

#obamas2ndterm confess that Michelle's white house kitchen garden is actually a dog cemetery.

— Gunservatively (@Gunservatively) August 17, 2012

#obamas2ndterm Find a shovel and make it ready

— Andrews Dad (@Andrew_Dad) August 17, 2012

Might get around to looking into that whole economy/jobs thing when tee times full. #obamas2ndterm

— Michael Blum (@MichaelBlum3) August 17, 2012

#Obamas2ndterm Blame Obama's first term for the mess he inherited

— TheH2 (@TheH2) August 17, 2012

#obamas2ndterm Pick a winning bracket.

— mrskorpio (@mrskorpio) August 17, 2012

#obamas2ndterm Appoint Bill Maher as Czar of Funny

— wiserbud (@WiserMeany) August 17, 2012

#obamas2ndterm Finish waffle/bowl above 100/ be his brother's keeper

— Delta Smelt (@Delta_Smelt) August 17, 2012

Tell us, people of the future… is Joe Biden really on the ticket?

#obamas2ndterm finally let Biden do that Al Jolson routine he's been yammering about since 2008.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) August 17, 2012

#obamas2ndterm Put Joe Biden in chains

— wiserbud (@WiserMeany) August 17, 2012

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